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Category: Adventure

Escape the petrol station!
Escape the Panic Room as quickly as you can! Escape the Panic Room! Escape the Panic Room! Escape the Panic Room!
Help Panda repair his Time Machine and make it home in Panda’s Big Adventure! Fast-paced gameplay Intense action Help Panda make it home!
Become the infamous Mustache Warrior and use a bow and arrow to shoot down the hordes of evil bats! Aim your shots carefully and time each arrow perfectly to impale the flying rats [...]
Solve a Masonic Mystery and escape! Find valuable items and piece together your escape as quickly as you can in this fun and exciting Strategy game! Spooky gameplay Awesome graphic [...]
Find the golden artifact!
A storybook adventure staring a tiny seed pod. Journey from your tiny island home to the lush forests of your dreams; explore the hand-drawn landscape and meet some interesting fri [...]
Investigate a crime scene and find the killer!
Anika’s Odyssey is a magical adventure deep into a lush and enchanted land. Break away from reality to enter a mystical world inspired by Aotearoa, New Zealand, as you meet t [...]
An expanded and updated version of the popular dungeon crawl RPG. New classes, items, monsters, quests.. as well as an improved interface. Also, a shop! Controlled with the mouse. [...]